You see, most times I get to points where I want to lie on the grass at night and talk to the moon about overwhelming nursing days. Tough, no lie. Most nurses experience that. However, there is not one morning that I don’t wake up wanting to make someone feel better.

There is the balance of these days. The comfort in scrubs. Dignifying people’s lives when they’re at their lows to maintaining their highs (No pun, haha). The reverence for the caduceus and Nightingale. Respect for the nurses´ uniform. The thrill in between. Those are things that fuel my passion!

Explore. Exchange. Elevate. Nursing. I am a passionate nurse and fitness excites me. We explore & exchange learning resources for nursing with a mission to elevate the profession. Here being educational & professional development resources.

If you are curious about nursing, want to be a nurse, are a nurse or just want to read on, welcome!!

Nursing is a dynamic continuous learning process, I wish us all the fun and success on this journey.

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Nurse Cate