1. Which of the following is a side effect that commonly presents with calcium based antacids?:
Delayed gastric emptying
Delayed Gastric Emptying
3. Which of the following is the approprate site for assessing oxygen saturation levels in adult patients?:
Extremity with noninvasive cuff
3. While caring for an elderly patient with hypertension, the nurse notes the following vital signs: BP of 140/40, pulse 120, respirations 36. The nurse’s initial action should be to?:
Compare the vitals with those on admission
Recheck the vitals signsin an hour
Find out the patients pain levels
Report the findings to a physician
4. The nurse is preparing a client with an axillopopliteal bypass graft for discharge. The client should be taught to avoid?:
Using a recliner to rest
Sleeping in SIMS position
Resting in supine position
Sitting in a straight chair
5.Which of the following statements made by a student nurse indicates a need for further teaching regarding the administration of heparin?:
I will administer the medication one to two inches away from the umbilicus
I will not massage the injection site before administering heparin
I will check the PTT before administering heparin
¨I will need to aspirate when i give heparin¨

Rhinehart et al. 2017

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