The Year of The Nurse and Midwife

Courtesy of WHO

Just by the name attached, it seemed like such an enigma and it proved to be more than that. 2020. Nursing and midwifery may seem as an enigma as it holds different meanings to different individuals based on individual values and the cocktail of experiences we interact with. With that, comes the intrinsic humanistic values bombarded and contrived by the experiences of the year of the nurse and midwife. The meaning of Nursing and midwifery changes with the evolution of the world, diseases, pathologies, and people at various points of their lives. The fundamental truth the year 2020 has affirmed, is Nursing and Midwifery are based on profound empathy for the continuum of human life. Quality human life.

Courtesy of @WHO

In many interactions with nurses and midwives on reflection of this year, the slither of a silver lining is, hard as is to recognize, the circumstances provided Nursing and Midwifery a chance to test our capability and capacity. In many dimensions, there has been a great redefinition of these professions, the professionals within and the perspective of the universe we serve. We have had a renewed perspective, zeal, and re-evaluation of these, who and what we are. As a contraption or as the traditional belief of being ‘a calling’, Nursing and Midwifery have both been challenged and augmented. Significantly, people have seen these aspects first hand and urgently, to establish a profound appreciation for the holistic care we embody. Our swift malleability in circumstances that require curving out creative and timely ways of delivering healthcare are truly admirable, and commendable. The autonomy and authority of nurses and midwives continues to be demonstrated from the nucleus of the bedside to the organism that is our survival. For that, we are indebted to these professionals.

A nurse participates in the drill to test their system capabilities for the COVID-19 coronavirus mass patients influx at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi. Courtesy of @theconversation

On an individual level, as a professional, I am still reflecting on this profession and the professional it is shaping us to be. Every day, after every shift, there are insights. New and even refurbished understanding of our values and roles. From these, I make room for more, because that is the bottomless capacity 2020 demonstrated. We can take so much, we can give so much and in between that, we are human so we have to refresh and realign our spirit, our intentions, and the demands of reality in order to devote ourselves so abundantly.

Here is what has been and what continues to be, Nurses and Midwives.

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