Demystifying Psychological Hazards & Mental Health with a Psychologist

The mental health of healthcare professionals is a subject worth getting into. This is further prompted by the outcomes of psychological hazards.

The New York times in an article showed the suicide rates among doctors and nurses has been increasing. This has begs the question-why this is so and what we can do about this shocking reality?

Interview with counselling Psychologist, Kallen Kimani

In this series we are finding solutions. This will hopefully reverse the implication of these hazards on the doctors and nurses, their professionalism, the perception of the profession and improve patient outcomes. In the long term become a positive contribution to health development goals.

A few weeks ago we sat down with a clinical Psychologist, specialized in counselling & community development, answering some questions on medics’ mental health 🙂🙂 On the Elevate Nursing Podcast,Kallen Kimani guides us in understanding psychological hazards for health care professionals & how to manage them.

The two part episode is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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