Managing And Making the Most out of Fear during Clinical Rotations

Feel the fear and do it anyway ask your preceptor

There are a lot of feelings that come with starting clinical rotations. Curiosity, excitement, the crisp newness of the environment and of course, the big elephant that is, fear. Fear of making an error and what not… Don’t worry, it is okay and absolutely normal. These are very common and there are ways to go about them.

1. Always ask before doing and never do a procedure without the supervision of your preceptor.

Remember you are under someone else’s licence so protect yourself and protect them.

2. Tap into the positive curiosity.

We are in the age of evidence-based practice so always ask why. Ask yourself, and stimulate your mind. Ask your preceptor, clinical instructors and during ward rounds.

3. Be willing to try

Take every opportunity to learn because it will build your confidence. It might take a moment, you might fail at the first attempt but keep trying. The basis is to try. Observe and ask to do these procedures.

4. Take notes.

Take note of new terminologies, techniques and look them up later. Write diagnoses, questions and so on. Once you go home for revision you have the references with you. In terms of questions, you might not be able to ask questions at the very moment of a procedure so keep that in there and ask you are alone with the nurse. That will go a long way in boosting not only your nursing knowledge but your confidence.

5. You don’t have to be confident to act confident.

Introduce yourself to clients and have a positive energy about you because they are in dire points of need. Hesitating might put them off and if it bounces back on you, then that might take more confidence away from you. So for that, speak up and let your preceptor know whenever you don’t feel 100% about a procedure.

When all these pass, feel the fear and do it anyway. Because even seasoned professionals are afraid sometimes, we are all human.

Until next time,

Elevate Nursing!

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