Minimalist Three-Sectioned Nursing Bag

Commencing clinical rotation is an exciting experience especially if you are a fresh nursing student or back from holidays! So just to top that excitement and get you ready for the incredible adventure you are about to begin, we have summed up a three sectioned all-inclusive bag. Just one top up and you can take this bag to both day and night shift.

First off, you will need three pouches and if you a tad bit minimalist, you may succeed with a double-sectioned bag. These are handy for a day shift.

1.The Clinical Pouch: Items for clinical work. Often the pouch is made of easy to clean material. Either washable or wipeable with alcohol wipes.

Scrubs &/ Uniform (Keep a spare pair in case of the common spills), stethoscope, Penlight & Scissors, ID badge, Notebook, Multicoloured pen, marker, Drug book/Cheat sheets and Hand Sanitizer

2.Personal Items case: This is the emergency kit and personal hygiene portion. A moisturizer. This will be useful between the hand cleaning to note-taking moments. Coconut oil or shea butter based moisturizer has become my personal preference because it absorbs really fast. The travel size items are always easy to carry around.

Charged phone (and a power bank), hand Lotion, hairpins (there can never be enough of those), lip balm, toothpaste and brush(for a freshen up), Breath fresheners or tic-tacs, wallet (for the locker room) or a tiny Coin purse to carry around, safety-pin/ Needle  & Thread (Emergency needs like an unexpected button pop, trust me, it happens).

3. Snacks & Beverage Pouch: Often Airtight, this one should protect a fresh meal from leaks and keep food from contamination.

Water bottle, Coffee Mug, food container, Energy Snacks/Fruit, Tea/coffee and sugar sachets.

For a night shift, you may need to add compression stockings and a warm fleece sweater to the clinical supplies section.

I hope you find these useful 🙂

Until next time, Elevate Nursing!

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