5 educational Apps & Study Programs for Nursing School

Having been created from effective study techniques, these applications and programs are some of the most efficient education resources yet. They are easily accessible and offer almost infinite retreavable data storage, so you can catch up on school work wherever you are.

In the realms of Nursing school, there are time consuming trials and errors in the quest to find brilliant, useful & affordable educational apps. Chances are, finding the suitable combination for your specific learning technique also takes time. Not anymore! We´ve tried and curated appropriate applications for various types of learners. Here they are!

1. Medscape:

Subscription free application with a reliable clinical database. There are various clinical specialties catered for as well as current news, research and so on. With an offline version, thisproves to be a sure way to keep studying on the go.

Study technique: Study group revision, personal studies and the best writing assignments such as care plans.

© Medscape

2. Anki App

This is an individualized spaced repetition app that allows you to create flashcards for regular studying. It is particularly useful for learning medical terms and new languages. There is a section of the app that gauges how well you remember these terms therefore useful for monitoring the efficiency of the study sessions.

© AnkiApp

Study techniques: Study group revision, note taking, individual studying 6 teaching for clinical instructors employing spaced repetition.

3. Picmonic:

This one is more so for audio-visual learners having a tonne of educational topics for various specialties. The diagrams are quite hilarious which makes learning fun! It promises you will remember everything, forever. I am not so sure how that is possible but trust the study technique.

© Picmonic app

I gave it a shot! The upside of picmonic is it utilizes spaced repetition and various study in unlimited multiple choice questions, online & offline viewing and unlimited access to media resources such as video. Daily acess to 20 questions, 1 video and a daily quiz.

The downside; the subscription service my dear students, with no student costs. For 77.99 Euro annually & 14.49 per month. It´d be better with student costs but a way around that is to try it for a week round between study group partners. As well, refering friends translates to 1 month free for every 2 subscriptions. How about that? However, i think it is worth the penny.

4. Tomato Timer:

This simple, functional website works by time blocking in the name of good old pomodoro study technique! If you are working on a computer, be sure to try it. Absolutely free!

Upside: You can adjust the time frames for other activities that take more than 25 minutes, negates the distraction prone phones, simple and easy to use. Such as mock exam revision sessions.

Downside: I haven´t found a downside, Maybe just that there are no application related as this is 100%.

© Be Focused

However, for a rather almost similar mobile application, give Be Focused a go. Apart from it´s simplicity and being free, it allows monthly progress tracking and in-app task management. Flow Timer does the same but you may have to subscribe to unlock all it´s resources.

5. Med Mnemonics:

By putting together over 1600 acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks. The database covers various topics and the app allows addition of mnemonics by users who can share them via email.

Upside: An almost infinite modifiable database.

In order to maximise on these apps based on specific learning techniques, take a moment to read The 7 Types of Learners and Maximizing Learning Techniques for Nursing.

Until next time, Elevate Nursing 🙂

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