The 10 Joys of Nursing!! & 10 more :)


1. Wearing pyjamas and captain nursing caps to work! Scrubs have such pyjama comfort we ought to all agree they are professional jammies. Then there are crocs & floaters. Jumping from cloud to cloud. Case Closed.

2. The first cry of a newborn and pediatrics´ yawns. Sigh.

3. The calm amid the storm. Nurses remain unscathed, seemingly unbothered yet fully concerned, amid cocktails of body fluids and nonstop multifrequency sounds.

4. Seeing the world through the eyes of other peoples experiences. It makes you openminded.

5. Days off on Mondays. Sleeping when the world wakes up. Haha, Going against traffic.

6. Teamwork. Synergy. Pushing. Failing fast & flourishing.

7. Looking at peoples’ veins keenly absentmindedly.

8. Candy in your pocket!! The comfort of their accessibility. Remembering you forgot to eat them.

9. Silent late nights, you can hear your pencil scratching the paper. Screeching crickets. Pages turning. Studying amid sensational coffee scents. Chasing the unattainable A++.

10. Your itchy cheek behind a mask, over a sterile field.

‘Rotating nurse, my cheek is itchy’

Response: ‘which one.’

And that’s not a question.

11. End of a nonexhausting busy day. Because the passion fuels you….evening runs!

12. A fleet of notebooks, highlighters & pens. Writing journals like cardexes.

13. Successful resuscitations. Pulses. Soft breaths. Chest rise. Mumbling then walking home. Patient gratefulness.

14. Comical bedpan stories. We strangely like what we hate.

16. Elderly patients. Their blunt humour sandwiching wise counsel.

17. An infinite profession with Over 100 specialities!! I am every nurse, it’s all in meeee….

18. Having uninhibited nonjudgemental conversations with people of all ages in confidentiality.

19. Undefiable confidence that grows and grows despite the beginners fear of failing. Things neither shock nor scare nurses. There’s always a movement within us though, like a deposition & Acknowledgement where reality percolates through all our senses. Nursing is a science and an Art.

20. Coffee mugs the size of water tanks. Endorphin rush with the sneakers to carry you through it.

Share with us what yours are 🙂

Happy Nurses Week 2018.

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